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Men’s Intermediate Programs

Celebrating the Body Erotic 2

Based on many requests, we are delighted to bring back the CBE2. Building on what is taught in Celebrating the Body Erotic, CBE2 continues the exploration of erotic energy and spirituality in several ways.


Dear Love of Comrades

Experience the gathering of your dreams, where full-body rituals and a community of loving brothers invite you to feel the power of your own erotic wisdom.


Erotic Temple

Join us as we delve further into the mysteries, delights, and life-affirming power of sacred Eros. Our explorations start from a pair of simple yet profoundly rich questions:


Power Surrender & Intimacy

Join in a journey that honors the dynamics of S/M play and its role in expanding self-awareness. This workshop creates a safe space for establishing connection, exploring intense body sensation and expressing intentional physicality.

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