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Erotic Ritual for Daily Life

with Doran George


Returning for the second year, this new program is an exploration of integrating what has been learned at Body Electric into a daily practice.


“We are a collection of our practices. We are always practicing something. The art of life is to consciously choose what we practice.” ~Richard Strozzi-Heckler


Erotic Ritual for Daily Life expands on other Body Electric classes by teaching techniques and strategies for use in everyday life that enhance the flow of erotic energy, and thus, your vitality. Powerful Body Electric rituals, such as the erotic massage circle and The Big Draw grow our feelings of personal authenticity by exploring, embracing, and celebrating body-mind-spirit pleasure in a confidential and supportive mens community.


In order to support your erotic practice beyond workshops, you will learn how to introduce the erotic intelligence you tasted in Celebrating The Body Erotic to spouses, partners, lovers or friends who are uninitiated in Body Electric work.


In Erotic Ritual for Daily Life, you will look at how you currently negotiate the erotic beyond workshops, and learn practices that bridge Body Electric’s large-scale group activities with daily rituals in which you are already engaged. Waking, dressing, eating, mutual decision making, for example, all become gateways to move beyond the ordinary and into a playful and empowered sense of self. By building awareness of, and channeling, libidinal energy on an ongoing basis, you will deepen your erotic practice and enhance your sense of personal vitality.


Developing skills to negotiate mutually satisfying, creative, sensual encounters will aid you in integrating conscious erotic work into the rest of your life by introducing libidinal intelligence into the communities of which you are already a part, or build new ones.


Much like in other Body Electric workshops, Erotic Ritual for Daily Life offers the opportunity for a hot, sensual, and soulful time in a supportive community of men.


Taught by Doran George, PhD, this workshop brings together thoughtful reflection, with creative exploration of the body in erotic practice. This reflects Doran’s work as an academic and choreographer, as well as a teacher trained in bodywork and dance. Doran creates performance rituals that, through audience participation, challenge sex-negativity and invite radical forms of intimacy. Doran stages contemporary art performances and uses dance as a healing practice in various communities. The performance work is informed by Doran’s scholarship into the history of somatic training and how we embody and resist norms of sexuality, gender and of the body more broadly.


In this two-day workshop, you will learn solo, partnered and group erotic practices for use in your own home. These practices are important because they connect your heart with your aroused genitals.


This course is an excellent opportunity to go deeper into the adventure of finding what is truly erotically possible for you and your intimates.


Prerequisite: Celebrating the Body Erotic





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