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Sacred Intimacy Training

July 20 – 26, 2015 • Easton Mountain
with Collin Brown & Steve Schwartzberg

Reclaiming the gift of eros is a process that can influence every aspect of life. Some men are drawn to help others explore how erotic energy contributes to their aliveness as sexual and spiritual beings. Sacred Intimate Training is designed for those who recognize the potential of erotic energy to transform, heal, and celebrate the wholeness of being human. This training will support your personal journey to be more erotically alive and balanced. It will also enhance your skills for supporting the growth and healing of others as erotic beings.

The training explores and celebrates the sacred mysteries of erotic intimacy, presence and touch. Participants will practice erotic connection through touch and conscious breath, as well as genital and anal massage, to develop effective techniques for connecting and communicating with individuals. Daily one-on-one sessions allow participants to learn from a wide range of personal interactions whether giving or receiving. These six days offer possibilities for exploring eros as a transformational energy that deepens a sense of authentic connection to oneself and others.

This is a residential workshop taking place at Easton Mountain in Greenwich NY, about an hour northeast of Albany (the closest airport and Amtrak station). Easton Mountain provides transfers to and from Albany with prior arrangement.

The workshop fee includes meals beginning the evening of the first day and concluding with lunch on the last day of the workshop.

PREREQUISITES: Erotic Temple or Healing the Wounded Healer



  • $100 off Early Registration Discount (expires May 22, 2015)
  • $100 off for the YOUTH PROGRAM for those under 30 (use code YOUTH100)


Contact the Registrar at info@b-e-school.com for more information.




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